The French Haute Route – 2013

The wheels won’t be turning this year on the French alps and I am sad, it will be the first time since the beginning of the French Haute Route that we will not be traversing those familiar high peaks and welcoming the early morning sunshine. Instead we will be taking part in a new adventure:Continue reading “The French Haute Route – 2013”

The Grand Journey of the Haute Route – 2012

The week is over and already I am missing the early morning rises and watching the sun come over the mountain spires.  The epic cycling journey over 19 massive mythical cols in the French Alps has come to an end. I will miss sitting on the verge of those small twisting roads clapping and cheeringContinue reading “The Grand Journey of the Haute Route – 2012”

Following the Haute Route!

This is my second year of playing supporter in the epic haute route and the endurance of the cyclists never ceases to amaze me. They pedal with passion fighting pain and tears, riding daily over huge mountains to make it to the finish line. Watching them cycle up the mountains is like watching an armyContinue reading “Following the Haute Route!”

Pedalling up Mountains – France

I am in the support vehicle and the time has arrived for another year of the Haute Route – a cycling feast through the french alps, from Geneva to Nice.  Last year there were approximately 250 riders this year it is expected to be double that amount. The boyfriend has entered again and as aContinue reading “Pedalling up Mountains – France”

The Haute Route – Sunny Nice Awaits!

It is all over and I have to say I am a little sad at having to say goodbye to the crazy world of the Haute route cycle ride.  Day 7 – the final day was completely different to the day before.  The cyclists were full of chat at breakfast and they appeared spritely as they saddledContinue reading “The Haute Route – Sunny Nice Awaits!”

The Haute Route – cycling the highest road in Europe!

Day 6 of the Haute route.  The morning was slowly waking as the cyclists quietly prepared for another day on their bike seats.  The click clacking bike cleats were the only sound in the alpine air.  You could sense the weariness of bodies from yesterday’s ride.    Total mental focus was in need to climbContinue reading “The Haute Route – cycling the highest road in Europe!”