Pedalling up Mountains – France

I am in the support vehicle and the time has arrived for another year of the Haute Route – a cycling feast through the french alps, from Geneva to Nice.  Last year there were approximately 250 riders this year it is expected to be double that amount.

The boyfriend has entered again and as a result we have come to the busy village of Morzine in the alps a little early so he can train.  A bonus for me is that I have finally got a road bike which I have been test riding on the slopes of the gorgeous mountains.

The scenery is a feast on the eyes, the mountains here tower like over turned ice cream cones. Hills simply don’t exist.  To go anywhere you have to pedal upwards! I have been rewarded for my struggles with cosy eateries, cows jangling their bells and stunning views of the valley below – if you are lucky views of snowy Mt Blanc.

I would have to say that this place has really tested my cycling ability and my lung capacity. Over the past few days I have managed to achieve a category 1 climb and a HC climb to the top of Avoriaz.

HC: HORS CATEGORIE or above category. The longest, steepest mountain climbs. Extremely difficult climbs, sometimes 15km to 20km, with grades exceeding 10 percent.

You could say I am feeling very proud of myself!  Roll on the Haute Route!

13 thoughts on “Pedalling up Mountains – France

  1. I’d love to hear about your thoughts as the event moves along. I’ll probably do it next year and am really interested in knowing what the experience is like this year, with so many more participants. Have fun!

    1. Hope to write about the event when I get the chance – being support crew takes up a lot of time! The riders are finding the heat a bit much this year, it really is a tough week! Good to hear from you!

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