Following the Haute Route!

This is my second year of playing supporter in the epic haute route and the endurance of the cyclists never ceases to amaze me. They pedal with passion fighting pain and tears, riding daily over huge mountains to make it to the finish line. Watching them cycle up the mountains is like watching an army of ants. They climb as if they are on the attack – watch out anyone in their way!
With hunched backs and heads down the push on in a world of their own. The peaks of the mountains surround them offering the cyclists a piece of priceless beauty.

Marshals and motorbikes act like parents taking care of the cyclists protecting them from cars on the small winding roads that twist and turn for miles. Everyone looks after one another and every emotion can be seen on and off the bike. It is heartwarming to witness. It is the last day of cycling tomorrow and the city of Nice awaits…let the celebrations begin!


8 thoughts on “Following the Haute Route!

  1. one day you will do the ride yourself instead of being a supporter.
    You will be the one who will endure the race.
    meanwhile love the blog interesting and exciting to read and see the pictures

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