Tower bridge and beyond by bike

London’s surprise of late summer sunshine brings back memories of the glorious sunshine we had one weekend in April and the unexpected cycle journey we went on. There had been no map or plan, but we were keen to escape London.  Having already cycled west along the river Thames curiosity tempted us to discover theContinue reading “Tower bridge and beyond by bike”

Wandling along the Wandle trail

Are there times when you want to cycle along on your bicycle at a slower pace and enjoy your surroundings? –  At times, this can be quite difficult in the busy streets of London. Well, the other day I discovered a trail in south London that allowed me to pedal along like a slithering snailContinue reading “Wandling along the Wandle trail”

Brighton or Bust ? A classic bike ride

Have you ever done something simply just to give it a go?  Well, that is what is happened to me the other day… I had heard endless stories about the classic London to Brighton cycle ride and the horror of cycling up the famous Ditchling Beacon hill ( not that I had to worry about a small EnglishContinue reading “Brighton or Bust ? A classic bike ride”

A Sunday spent with Gladiators

Nothing quite beats cycling London’s streets early on a Sunday morning.  With the exception of the occasional bus or random car the roads are empty and it is so quiet the birds can often be heard chirping in the trees.  This Sunday I found myself cycling on a part of the road which is paintedContinue reading “A Sunday spent with Gladiators”

The Crab and Winkle Way

Where do you go with your bicycle when the sun shines in the U.K? You go to the seaside! A few months before the cycle I read about the ‘Crab and Winkle Way’ a six-mile disused railway line which runs between the towns of Canterbury and Whitstable.  In 1830, Canterbury and Whitstable Railway was atContinue reading “The Crab and Winkle Way”

A journey beyond the motorway

The bicycle chain came to a slow stop as my feet touch the ground.  Above my head was the roar and rumble of cars, vans and trucks as they hurdled themselves around London’s ring road, famously known as the M25.  The colossal bridge I was standing under protected me, but it certainly didn’t protect myContinue reading “A journey beyond the motorway”