All things Dutch – can be found with a bicycle!

After a non stop tasting of Gouda cheese our bellies look like well-rounded wheels, we could easily roll out of Gouda, instead we are pedalling.   Today, where ever we end up, we will have to catch a fast train to the Hook of Holland.  We have a ferry to catch back to England.  RotterdamContinue reading “All things Dutch – can be found with a bicycle!”

Going Dutch – A Netherlands Cycle

Cycling up an enormous ramp onto the back of an enormous ferry in the dark of the night alongside rumbling trucks and overloaded cars is one of the most exciting ways to leave a country that I have ever experienced. With no set plan we had eagerly cycled onto an oversized ferry in Harwich searchingContinue reading “Going Dutch – A Netherlands Cycle”

Hadrian’s Wall Cycle – All roads lead to South Shields

It was the last morning of our Hadrian’s wall cycle as I opened my weary eyes to be greeted by our trusted friend – the rain! It obviously loved our company as it waggled down from the sky panting like a happy dog eager for its daily run. As the sun rose sleepily into theContinue reading “Hadrian’s Wall Cycle – All roads lead to South Shields”

Hadrian’s Wall cycle – Roman ruins to Corbridge

The delicious smell of bacon and eggs wafted along the corridor of the bed and breakfast as we pulled on our slightly damp cycling gear.  It was day three of our cycle following the length of Hadrian’s wall and today mileage would be shortened to allow us more time to explore the historic roman ruins…  OutsideContinue reading “Hadrian’s Wall cycle – Roman ruins to Corbridge”

Hadrian’s Wall cycle – Silloth onwards to Gilsland

Nothing quite beats a hearty cooked breakfast before setting out on a day of cycling and we were treated to a feast as our generous host served us delicious baked beans, rashes of bacon, spoonfuls of scrambled eggs, piping hot toast and a pot of fresh coffee as we happily sat in his cosy eatery.Continue reading “Hadrian’s Wall cycle – Silloth onwards to Gilsland”

The Hadrian’s Wall cycle – Whitehaven to Silloth

You always feel ready to cycle again after a pit stop and a bite to eat.  The town of Whitehaven sent us on our merry way with the foamy waves lapping on the shore and the seagulls gliding over head squawking their farewells.   The cycle path followed the coast and had us racing alongsideContinue reading “The Hadrian’s Wall cycle – Whitehaven to Silloth”