The Kent Coast basks in the Sunshine

Day three and we awoke again to delightful blue skies and the seagulls squawking outside.  The sea sparkled under the rays of the sun and it looked so inviting.  After a sumptuous breakfast the beautiful weather easily encouraged us back onto our bicycles. We continued to cycle east along the concrete path beside the coast.Continue reading “The Kent Coast basks in the Sunshine”

Wheeling to Whitstable

Greeted with glorious morning sunshine Rochester was ours to explore. We cycled through streets hiding clusters of Tudor buildings, and headed towards the shadows of Rochester Castle.  It stood towering over the town looking all dark and gloomy like a powerful old King. We spent the morning acting like children let loose in a playground.Continue reading “Wheeling to Whitstable”

Tower bridge and beyond by bike

London’s surprise of late summer sunshine brings back memories of the glorious sunshine we had one weekend in April and the unexpected cycle journey we went on. There had been no map or plan, but we were keen to escape London.  Having already cycled west along the river Thames curiosity tempted us to discover theContinue reading “Tower bridge and beyond by bike”