The French Haute Route – 2013

The wheels won’t be turning this year on the French alps and I am sad, it will be the first time since the beginning of the French Haute Route that we will not be traversing those familiar high peaks and welcoming the early morning sunshine. Instead we will be taking part in a new adventure:Continue reading “The French Haute Route – 2013”

Tower bridge and beyond by bike

London’s surprise of late summer sunshine brings back memories of the glorious sunshine we had one weekend in April and the unexpected cycle journey we went on. There had been no map or plan, but we were keen to escape London.  Having already cycled west along the river Thames curiosity tempted us to discover theContinue reading “Tower bridge and beyond by bike”

Finding Cornish treasure

With summer in the air we went in search of cool breezes, singing insects and glistening waters. We eagerly pedalled along a tiny road stretched along the Lizard peninsula.  After our visit to the Clay trails and the Eden Project the Boyfriend and I had continued further down the coast of Cornwall in search ofContinue reading “Finding Cornish treasure”

A Welsh beauty – the Taff Trail (Part 1)

The Welsh city of Cardiff seemed desolate and empty at 8am on a Saturday morning.  Grey skies loomed overhead as I helped untie the bicycles from the back of the car.  The air was chilly as my boyfriend and I cycled to the bus station with our panniers squashed with extra clothes just incase it rained.  OnceContinue reading “A Welsh beauty – the Taff Trail (Part 1)”

A trail full of surprises!

I like surprises and I know for a fact that a  journey on a bicycle can lead you to hidden treasures you never knew existed.  Uncovering these treasures can leave you happy for days or even a life time… and on route 403 there is treasure to be found.  While staying overnight in the quaintContinue reading “A trail full of surprises!”

A petite Tour de France

Have you ever watched the Tour de France and wondered what it must be like for those top cyclists to pedal up the French alps?  they seem to have such amazing stamina being able to push themselves higher and higher to reach the top before dangerously descending downhill at impressive speed.  The pain and effortContinue reading “A petite Tour de France”