The Haute Route – Sunny Nice Awaits!

It is all over and I have to say I am a little sad at having to say goodbye to the crazy world of the Haute route cycle ride.  Day 7 – the final day was completely different to the day before.  The cyclists were full of chat at breakfast and they appeared spritely as they saddledContinue reading “The Haute Route – Sunny Nice Awaits!”

The Haute Route – cycling the highest road in Europe!

Day 6 of the Haute route.  The morning was slowly waking as the cyclists quietly prepared for another day on their bike seats.  The click clacking bike cleats were the only sound in the alpine air.  You could sense the weariness of bodies from yesterday’s ride.    Total mental focus was in need to climbContinue reading “The Haute Route – cycling the highest road in Europe!”