The Grand Journey of the Haute Route – 2012

The week is over and already I am missing the early morning rises and watching the sun come over the mountain spires.  The epic cycling journey over 19 massive mythical cols in the French Alps has come to an end.


Col du Glandon 1924m

The beautiful lake after Col du Glandon

I will miss sitting on the verge of those small twisting roads clapping and cheering each cyclist onwards and upwards.  Being given a smile from the cyclists as sweat dripped from their skin in the 30 degree heat made you feel as if you had given them a little push to the finish line.

I watched each person push their bodies to the limits and I got a sense of their emotional and physical pain.  It was illuminated for all to see and it was powerful stuff.   There was blood, sweat and tears with the occasional laughter thrown in for good measure.

Climbing Col du Lautaret 2058m

A much needed rest…

I love supporting this event – I have met so many wonderful people, made friends and been given the opportunity to explore roads that weave through the most inspiring scenery.  There is now talk of the Pyrenees Haute Route next year?

Col du Glandon 1924m

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11 Responses to The Grand Journey of the Haute Route – 2012

  1. That last photo is a bike skeleton, right?? I’m glad you didn’t show the rider– I hate to think what he musta looked like after the race!

    Great post, glad you had such a wonderful time! : )

  2. RRAlexander says:

    I have nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. For more information, see

  3. aaronwest says:

    Love those photos. Cannot wait to see those sights myself. Thanks for supporting the event.

  4. What a fantastic view. Excellent photos and journey.

  5. suzecycling says:

    I’ll second Tootlepedal on both counts.

    If there is a Pyrenees version, I wonder if it will use an established route, like the Route des Cols, or a variation on the Raid Pyrénéen, or devise a new one. Heard anything about it?

    • lovethybike says:

      All I know is that the organisers are doing a trail run of the route in the next few months. I could never manage the lengthy climbs – I get so out of puff! I think I will stick to supporting and dreaming! Ha ha!

  6. tootlepedal says:

    I’d definitely be better off watching it than pedalling in it. Very nice pictures.

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