About Me

Currently living in various parts of the world there was once a time when I was born and raised in a small country town in New Zealand’s lush landscape. Not much happens in my home town, but my arrival on earth certainly caused some drama… born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia I found myself being rushed immediately onto a plane and flown to a hospital in the city of Auckland.

I was very lucky to survive the major surgery that I desperately needed and as a reminder I have been left with only one lung to breathe with and a permanent scar nearly the width of my chest.

Living with one lung has always caused me to find physical activity a challenge, however, everything and anything seems possible when you are growing up in a small town and like a friend, cycling came along and welcomed me showing me what was physically possible.

As an adult I have also been faced with the challenge of dealing with cancer (a few too many times), but I haven’t let this stop me from getting out and enjoying life.

I love cycling, it seems to be one of the few activities I can do without tiring too quickly. I know I will never be a top athlete, but this doesn’t stop me from giving things a try. I love the fact that cycling continues to give me a sense of freedom and the opportunity to explore a whole new world outside of my local surroundings… and if I can cycle up a mountain then I am over the moon with joy!

I hope you enjoy following my cycle journeys – I have so many more to come!


98 Responses to About Me

  1. Your life is so amazing!! I just found your blog through searching but I think that was kind of good luck to me. On these days, I am so interested in riding bicycle and going travel around and I am so inspired form your story!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I will go travel with my bike again, soon. I live in Seoul now. If you visit Seoul with your bike, let me know when it is.

    Young Yun.

  2. phanuel1 says:

    hey there I have nominated you as ‘the very inspiring blogger reward’
    Thanks for being awesome.

  3. David says:

    Very inspirational, glad to see someone grab hold of life and be so thankful for it :0)

  4. I am new to the blogging world but am a forever fitness fanatic. Reading your story reminds me a lot of mine. Life changing surgery forever proving a different perspective. As a soon to be physician I want to model health for my patients and one way I do that is through commuting by bike. It such a fantastic way to fit fitness into life on top of increasing health and decreasing stress. I look forward to reading all your cycling stories and will look for tips to share with my patients, family and friends.

  5. jmccrillis says:

    I’m so glad I found your site. I love your pictures and adventures. You have a terrific writing style! I also love to bicycle but right now it’s winter here in New England and we have snow on the ground. I’ve spent a little time cross country skiing. Spring can’t come soon enough. My bicycle is lonely in the basement!

  6. KorubettosHaiku says:

    I`m so happy to have found your site. I`ve had some of my best travel memories and some of my nicest photos from renting a bicycle and cycling around (Vietnam being one of my favorite) so it`s nice to see someone writing a blog about it. I love New Zealand but didn`t do any cycling while I was there. I wish I had now!! Your pictures are fabulous.

  7. ntfcnicky says:

    Stunning photos and your life seems pretty phenomenal too, awesome 🙂

  8. Your adventures look amazing – would you believe I never learned to ride a bike …. Garrulous Gwendoline

  9. OlovS says:

    Hi! Just found your blog. It´s really inspirational. The love for riding sure is global. 😉 Looking forward to following your journeys.

    Keep it up!

    Olov – http://bikelifeinswedishlapland.com/

  10. cycletom says:

    Really cool blog here! Love it! Followed straight away!

  11. dbubble12 says:

    What a journey of a story you have! I can’t wait to learn more. Beautiful photos. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  12. hey! congrats on you blog! very good. see you…

  13. What a story! I can’t wait to delve into your posts! The photos are amazing and your story is completely inspiring!

  14. The Landy says:

    You’re an inspiration, the world needs more people like you…greatness is achieved in the face of adversity!

  15. Murray Foote says:

    I don’t know what it is about New Zealanders with one lung. I have a Maori friend who lives nearby who has only one lung – must be a different cause though because she lost hers when she was about 10. I’m originally from Auckland but living in Canberra now. You have some nice images in this blog.

  16. Just found your blog through Freshly Pressed. Loved your photos taken in New Zealand. They made me want to go visit immediately. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures and seeing more beautiful photographs. You are inspiring and don’t let setbacks keep you from doing what you love. Thanks for reminding me to get back on my bike 🙂

  17. I checked out your blog because of my interest in cycling trips but have been captivated by your photography. Your pics are so vivid, the colours pop right off the screen! I’m also very impressed by your exploits on only ‘one tank of air’ … some of us on two find ourselves wheezing quite readily so I’ll try and remember how lucky I am next time I’m panting up a hill in granny gear! Great blog!!

  18. tangaroa5 says:

    kia ora 🙂

    I found your blog coincidentally and some of your posts remain my old times when I lived in New Zealand. Thanks for sharing the beautiful stories and pictures.

  19. E. says:

    hi, your blog is great. i like your photos. i’m a cyclist too, from Vietnam. i’m looking forward to reading more of your stories. : )

  20. Fiona.q says:

    you rock your own world and now, you rock ours!

  21. Thank you for liking article on my blog. I too love my bike. In my 20s, my bike was my most important possession. I lived to bike. I still bike a lot, but I do more biking with kids. Take care and keep up the great writing.

  22. abu zar says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and I just want to tell you that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    has more details including the list of nominations.

  23. I have been enjoying your blogs. My husband and I are hoping to vacation in New Zealand sometime in the not to far future. I look forward to more of your blogs.

  24. Mike Maynard says:


    I have nominated you for the Kreative Blogger award, I hope you’ll accept! Details are in today’s blog here – http://mike10613.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/the-kreativ-blogger-award/

  25. Jeff Shone says:

    Dont forget to visit my blog too. I just got a new (to me) Trike, and am having a blast getting fit and healthy again after 20 years of doing nothing!

  26. asoulwalker says:

    As a former (and who am I kidding– probably future as well) bicycle mechanic I always love seeing people enjoying bikes. Great blog. Keep it up! Cheers.

  27. You look so happy and healthy so keep those wheels turning.

  28. lautal says:

    Found your blog today. Love it. The idea, posts and nice pictures make it interesting and knowledgeable.

  29. I have just found your blog…..Great photos and a great style. I will certainly continue to visit.

  30. Merrill says:

    I love your photos!!!
    You need to come to California. Sacramento (where I live) has lots of bicycle trails including 32 miles along the American River. On the Southern California coast there are long trails along amazingly beautiful beaches in Redondo Beach, Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach.


  31. If you ever decide to come to Lanzarote, come and introduce yourself to us. We’ll point you in the right direction regarding places to cycle to – it’s not all about huge volcanoes and hills!

  32. Lovely, colorful, crisp, clean photos!

  33. Ken Okines says:

    Thank you for commenting on my page, I think I’m going to like visiting yours! I feel at home already! 😀

  34. KF says:

    Looking forward to your stories! =)

  35. Inspiring life and lovely photos!

  36. Stacey Swain says:

    Love your photos! I must say my heart jumped a bit. My husband underwent Heart Surgery nearly two years ago…and has taken up Cycling as his past-time. He just finished a 5 day tour through our Canadian Rockies this summer! Very similar stories, and backgrounds…across the ocean. Wishing you all the best in your travels!

  37. daddy naz says:

    Wonderful blog. Keep riding!

  38. orchid says:

    hi, .. love the concept of your blog..
    come.. visit and cycle in asia!

  39. I had the opportunity to check out your blog, and I thank you very much for that. I wish you all the very best Life has to offer!

  40. livefromitaly says:

    Come to cycle in Piedmont, Italy!

  41. Flossie says:

    Great blog and your photos are amazing, I love them! You have inspired me to take up cycling!

  42. Thanks – this is a wonderful blog with great pictures – very inspiring! x

  43. Jeff Shone says:

    Very nice blog. Great writing. Inspirational.

  44. You have a great, inspirational blog. Love your photographs! I’ll be back…

  45. snowgood says:

    I like your sense of success over adversity, if you get a chance watch Soul Surfer doing dismally in a cinema near you. I watched it 2 weeks back and was enthralled….

  46. Vic Rana says:

    I love the B&W picture on the main page, pretty cool.

  47. Bama says:

    I LOVE cycling. Everytime I travel to new places I always find it more interesting and exciting to explore the place on bicycle. If you ever crossed your path to Cambodia, don’t miss the cycling track around Angkor Wat. That was one of the highlights of my trip to the country.

  48. orange says:

    Fantastic blog and pictures! I love that on the first page alone you have been to several of my favourite places — Devon, French Alps, and even the Wandle which I want to do so badly! I’m delighted to have a new blog to follow (and make me drool with envy). Xx Rosie

  49. larktalk says:

    I love the photos too and how you’re so into it.

  50. alanschuyler says:

    Wonderful photography and great writing!

  51. Michael H. says:

    I enjoyed your blog. Have you cycled with us in Puglia before?



  52. Mike10613 says:


    Interesting blogs, I would like to see the Eden project. I’m a bit old now for riding a bike, but I intend to check them out at Halfords! I used to cycle race as a teenager, a long time ago! I find walking through woodland exhausting now and cycling must be easier. I want a fold up bike to put in the boot of my car. There are lots of amazing places to see and photograph in England. 🙂

  53. 4m4nd4j4yne says:

    Love this blog, you are an inspiration. Great photos. I’m signing up!

  54. lovethybike says:

    Thank you! I am hoping to do a lot more cycle trips before the year is out – possibly in different countries?

  55. Bill says:

    I’m really enjoying following your blog, and the pics are great! 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  56. Oh my! what a treasure I’ve found in you! I’ve been, at times in my life, an avid cyclist. I am down to 3 bikes, now…now of which I ride as much as I once did, but all of which I still adore. I love the combination of photos and bike-o-logue. Thank you for doing this!

  57. f-stop mama says:

    Good for you in finding a way to overcome life’s challenges. There is such a sense of freedom while riding a bike.

  58. Brian Goldsmith says:

    I too was interested in the Haute Route. This year I rode Mont Ventoux and last year Alpe d’Huez and I was looking for a new challenge and I spotted that route. But I was thinking of doing it solo, not an organised trip.

  59. I’d love to hear more about the Haute route from ‘the boyfriend’ sometime – I’ve been intrigued about it all year. I concur with everyone above, too – your photos are really something. Bonne Route!

  60. Hey, I see you have finally got your ‘about me’ page 🙂
    Its amazing to see that despite the limitation, you cycle with such passion. I used to cycle a lot too when i was younger, though not on such picturesque trails.. lucky you!
    We got our son a Merida 7-gear cycle last year. He has yet to develop enthusiasm for it but I am sure that once he does, he won’t let go. I was a late starter too, but was hooked once I felt the freedom of it.

  61. Your photos are beautiful! So natural and colorful! The posts are interesting.

    Thank you!

  62. Hi there
    Thanks very much for visiting! I’ll return and visit your blog – keep on riding!


  63. MonBike says:

    You do so well on only the one lung. Keep it up.

  64. James Randall says:

    What a great blog: full of positivity, enthusiasm, good writing and great photographs. Great stuff!

  65. Hey Love –

    I love you blog. Great photos! Great stories! I want to bike ride around the U.K. (and do some hiking to). Was looked at like I was crazy when I mentioned this to Brits. Now I know it’s more than possible. Perhaps that will be next year’s adventure. Perhaps with some advice from you.


  66. I really enjoyed reading your blog, great photographs too!
    Charlie x

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