How it all began!

What began with a ‘surprise’ birthday purchase of a bicycle in an east London shop has resulted in, what I would say a never-ending urge to explore the United Kingdom on two wheels.   I have fallen in love with the network of cycle trails which weave their way all over a landscape that residents tend to escape from.  A cheap flight to Europe always seems a better option for most, but I have discovered that what is on your back doorstep can be just as rewarding if not better…

When I was a child, I remember the day my training wheels were removed from my beloved chopper bike.  My older siblings had remarked that I had wobbled about on trainer wheels long enough.  Even though I was secretly worried about falling off and grazing parts of my body I was thrilled to think I might be able to finally cycle around town on two wheels.

Cars were few and far between in our street so we decided to practise on the road. My older sister held the metal bar on the back of my seat as I pedalled slowly and she began to jog behind me to keep me steady.  ‘Faster, faster!’ she shouted.  I listened to her advice and began to push those pedals with all the strength that my little legs could give. The street became obsolete with my concentration and I felt the breeze hit my face, my hair rise off my neck riding the waves of air.  An overwhelming sensation of freedom came over me and I was brimming with excitement.

I turned back to tell my sister how much fun I was having, but she wasn’t there.  She was way off in the distance jumping up and down and shouting with glee, words I couldn’t hear.  In that instant I felt my heart racing as my brain told my body that I was cycling all by myself ! I continued pedalling as a smile stretched from ear to ear.   I opened my mouth and squealed with delight.

And so my love for cycling began…

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15 Responses to How it all began!

  1. asoulwalker says:

    Ahh… the first time without training wheels… such sweet memories…

  2. Sajib says:

    I still can’t cycle. 😦

  3. Janet says:

    Ah, those distant memories of the first feeble steps towards independence. 🙂
    I don’t think my memories quite coincide with yours but that might be because I am certain my first attempt of cycling found a sudden end a few meters after my father had led go of the bike. I am sure though that once the few bruises had been bandaged I tried again and again until it finally worked. I am sure to return and follow your blog. 😉

  4. stuckinmypedals says:

    I’m always glad to meet another cycling enthusiast. I look forward to reading about your adventures in London as I’m pedaling over here across the pond.

  5. Hasenschneck says:

    Can’t believe you’ve been freshly pressed after such a short time on WordPress. Congratulations – wonderful pictures and great stories.

  6. Consuelo says:

    simply amazing! 😀

  7. Pete says:

    I think the first moment you realise that you are riding without stabilisers is one of those milestones of childhood. I think I can still remember the sudden independence of what felt like unassisted flight as I realised Uncle Rob was no longer holding on to the saddle. Actually, you know, I think I never lost that wonder. It still feels a bit like magic to remain upright on such skinny wheels. Thank you for triggering the memory.

    • lovethybike says:

      How wonderful… I am happy in the thought that others also regard a simple moment like that as life changing and magical.

  8. Pebbles into the Fire says:

    Love your blog and your photography! I have visited London a number of times and love it. Keep writing!! 🙂

  9. Aaaw, such a sweet story! I also remember vividly when my training wheels were taken off. Strangely, it was my aunt, far too well dressed for the occasion, who just visited and took the part of holding the back and keeping me steady. I was so scared and always turned back and screamed if she’s still holding on for reassurance. And after some time I rode on my own and couldn’t believe it. I felt beyond great afterwards! It was the first feeling of independence for me. Thanks for making me remember 🙂

    • lovethybike says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I am glad I helped you remember your first cycle ride. I am looking forward to sharing more cycle stories soon.

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