Cycling around Lake Annecy – France

The white flakes float down from the sky and settle outside layering the ground like ice cream twisting its way into a cone.  Winter has come to the French alps and I find myself reminiscing of when the sky was blue and the sun was radiating warmth. Continuing to keep cycling in the chilly cold andContinue reading “Cycling around Lake Annecy – France”

A Chilly Cycle in France

We assumed we had cycled every exiting road from our village, but surprise, surprise! The other day the Boyfriend discovered a new road to cycle and suggested that I go and explore its winding path as I might enjoy it…   This hidden road could be found only a few minutes from our chalet slinking offContinue reading “A Chilly Cycle in France”

All things Dutch – can be found with a bicycle!

After a non stop tasting of Gouda cheese our bellies look like well-rounded wheels, we could easily roll out of Gouda, instead we are pedalling.   Today, where ever we end up, we will have to catch a fast train to the Hook of Holland.  We have a ferry to catch back to England.  RotterdamContinue reading “All things Dutch – can be found with a bicycle!”

A Cycle to Cheesy Gouda

Today was going to be a cycle of the complete unknown – we had no idea where we were going.  Last night the city of Haarlem had given us a live music concert, a much-needed hearty meal and a very comfy bed for the night. At the time the question of ‘ Where to next?’Continue reading “A Cycle to Cheesy Gouda”

Going Dutch – A Netherlands Cycle

Cycling up an enormous ramp onto the back of an enormous ferry in the dark of the night alongside rumbling trucks and overloaded cars is one of the most exciting ways to leave a country that I have ever experienced. With no set plan we had eagerly cycled onto an oversized ferry in Harwich searchingContinue reading “Going Dutch – A Netherlands Cycle”

Vienna from my Bike Seat

Our boat slept this morning, in fact it didn’t move all day.  It bobbed about in the water like a log.  It was not the same for us – the city of Vienna was waiting and we ventured onshore to explore its beauty with our bicycles. Waiting for us was a very informative tour guide onContinue reading “Vienna from my Bike Seat”