Cycling before the Storm in Surfers Paradise

A roaring storm is rolling in to hit the sandy white beaches of Surfers Paradise in Queensland, but as the sun is still shining the Boyfriend and I are going to beat it before it hits. Having just arrived in Australia we discover two rickety bicycles in the garage below our rented apartment at BiggeraContinue reading “Cycling before the Storm in Surfers Paradise”

A Chilly Cycle in France

We assumed we had cycled every exiting road from our village, but surprise, surprise! The other day the Boyfriend discovered a new road to cycle and suggested that I go and explore its winding path as I might enjoy it…   This hidden road could be found only a few minutes from our chalet slinking offContinue reading “A Chilly Cycle in France”

Rocking and Rolling in Red Rock Canyon

My bicycle wheels are rolling on the smooth tarmac of Red Rock Canyon and the bike chain purrs spinning in a circular motion.  Surrounded by chocolate coloured mountains I am in no rush.  Time can wait today.  This is my first time on a modern road bike. I have happily hired a road bike from theContinue reading “Rocking and Rolling in Red Rock Canyon”