The Otago Rail Trail – Day 1 – New Zealand

Trains use to chug their way along this route now our bicycles do the chugging.  Leaving the town of Clyde our wheels squish and squelch over rotten apples that lie scattered on the gravel path. The rows of orchards and vineyards blur as we pedal with excitement and speed.  Small stones fling up in theContinue reading “The Otago Rail Trail – Day 1 – New Zealand”

Cycling the Otago Rail Trail – New Zealand

A trip to the South Island of New Zealand is always exciting.  The pace of life always seems slower than the North Island.  It can feel as if you have stepped back in the past where life is less complex and time has no meaning. We have come south to cycle the Otago Rail Trail,Continue reading “Cycling the Otago Rail Trail – New Zealand”

A Festive New Zealand Cycle

The festive season is here and there isn’t a hint of snow in New Zealand… The month of December is when the summer sun arrives to warm up this country and a bright red colour begins to adorn the coastline.   The native Pohutakawa trees come into bloom – their vibrant red flowers contrast beautifully againstContinue reading “A Festive New Zealand Cycle”

Cycling in the National Park – New Zealand

We had driven for five hours to be told by the tired looking receptionist that the weather was turning for the worst and that we should jump back into the car and head back home.  Four of us had eagerly ventured down to the middle of New Zealand’s north island to hike the famous TongariroContinue reading “Cycling in the National Park – New Zealand”

The Waikato River trail – New Zealand

Peering over the giant concrete block and holding onto the strong pylons I nervously look down upon the dizzying heights of the Arapuni swing bridge below. I feel like I am about to have an Indiana Jones moment! I have joined my sister and her family on a weekend visit to the Waikato region. TheContinue reading “The Waikato River trail – New Zealand”

Family bike fun around Orewa Estuary – New Zealand

Nothing quite beats a day of sunshine in New Zealand – the cicadas hum endlessly in among the foliage, Pohutakawa trees blossom bright red as the landscape seems to glisten and roll into various layers of beauty.  It is the perfect opportunity to go exploring on two wheels!  While staying with my sister and her familyContinue reading “Family bike fun around Orewa Estuary – New Zealand”