Pedalling the Otago Rail Trail – Day 2

A fresh blue sky awaits us as we mount our bicycles to leave the town of Lauder while it has a lazy lie in. Our legs quickly spring into action as they continually spin the pedals taking us further into the Otago region. We feel relaxed and enjoy the morning sunshine on our backs asContinue reading “Pedalling the Otago Rail Trail – Day 2”

Cycling around Lake Annecy – France

The white flakes float down from the sky and settle outside layering the ground like ice cream twisting its way into a cone.  Winter has come to the French alps and I find myself reminiscing of when the sky was blue and the sun was radiating warmth. Continuing to keep cycling in the chilly cold andContinue reading “Cycling around Lake Annecy – France”

A Sunny Cycle – Linz to Grein

We wheeled over kerbs, across tram lines and down skinny alleys exploring the crisp clean city of Linz.  It gleamed like shiny white teeth in the early morning heat.  Our boat had already departed for the town of Grein, 40 miles down river.   It felt good to be back on the bicycles following theContinue reading “A Sunny Cycle – Linz to Grein”

Cycling the coast of Monterey – USA

Slightly overcast a wisp of sea mist blankets itself upon the land making it feel mystical.  Crooked trees hunch over as if they need walking sticks, the white foam of the sea explodes on the rocks spraying everything in its path and eager golfers are wrapped up warm defying the elements.  Salty sea air dampensContinue reading “Cycling the coast of Monterey – USA”

Wheeling to Whitstable

Greeted with glorious morning sunshine Rochester was ours to explore. We cycled through streets hiding clusters of Tudor buildings, and headed towards the shadows of Rochester Castle.  It stood towering over the town looking all dark and gloomy like a powerful old King. We spent the morning acting like children let loose in a playground.Continue reading “Wheeling to Whitstable”

Tower bridge and beyond by bike

London’s surprise of late summer sunshine brings back memories of the glorious sunshine we had one weekend in April and the unexpected cycle journey we went on. There had been no map or plan, but we were keen to escape London.  Having already cycled west along the river Thames curiosity tempted us to discover theContinue reading “Tower bridge and beyond by bike”