Good times on a BMX bike – Auckland

As an adult capturing any chance to be a kid again is always on my to do list – the nostalgia of it all makes me bubble with excitement.  Last weekend a window of opportunity opened for me to once again breathe childhood exhilaration, freedom and fun. The boyfriend and I went on a BMX rideContinue reading “Good times on a BMX bike – Auckland”

Revisiting the Hauraki Rail Trail – New Zealand

I am not usually one to re-trace my steps and go where I have been before, but last week a second visit to the Karangahake gorge turned into a pleasant surprise! I had first visited the area a year ago with my sister and her family on a short cycle ride.  Back then the Hauraki cycle trail wasContinue reading “Revisiting the Hauraki Rail Trail – New Zealand”

Family bike fun around Orewa Estuary – New Zealand

Nothing quite beats a day of sunshine in New Zealand – the cicadas hum endlessly in among the foliage, Pohutakawa trees blossom bright red as the landscape seems to glisten and roll into various layers of beauty.  It is the perfect opportunity to go exploring on two wheels!  While staying with my sister and her familyContinue reading “Family bike fun around Orewa Estuary – New Zealand”

New Zealand’s Karangahake Gorge

I am finally home in New Zealand and the gravel flicks out from under my wheels as I weave my bike around this fabulous trail.  My young niece and nephew are squealing in delight enjoying the rush of the air on their faces as their parents happily pedal with them in tow.  The tops ofContinue reading “New Zealand’s Karangahake Gorge”