A Sunny Cycle – Linz to Grein

We wheeled over kerbs, across tram lines and down skinny alleys exploring the crisp clean city of Linz.  It gleamed like shiny white teeth in the early morning heat.  Our boat had already departed for the town of Grein, 40 miles down river.   It felt good to be back on the bicycles following theContinue reading “A Sunny Cycle – Linz to Grein”

The delightful Danube by bike

We trundled along bumpy cobble stones pulling our heavy suitcases behind us.  We were looking for our boat that was supposed to be in dock.  The impressive town of Passau watched our every move from above. We had travelled to Germany to spend a week cycling the river flow of the Danube to the cityContinue reading “The delightful Danube by bike”