Plymouth from my bike seat

I have to admit that I have been totally distracted these last couple of weeks with the excitement of the Haute Route cycle ride!  I was meaning to finish the rest of my tale of the Plym Valley trail…so here it is: We cycled along the Sustrans cycle route 27  leaving the Plym Valley behindContinue reading “Plymouth from my bike seat”

The Playful Plym Valley – Devon

Summer has arrived and a rough plan is made to explore some of the many cycle trails in Devon and Cornwall.  With our bicycles tied to our trusty bike rack the boyfriend and I head south-west by car to the coast.  The city of Plymouth is to be our first stop.  There is a cycle path there calledContinue reading “The Playful Plym Valley – Devon”

Brighton or Bust ? A classic bike ride

Have you ever done something simply just to give it a go?  Well, that is what is happened to me the other day… I had heard endless stories about the classic London to Brighton cycle ride and the horror of cycling up the famous Ditchling Beacon hill ( not that I had to worry about a small EnglishContinue reading “Brighton or Bust ? A classic bike ride”

The Taff Trail Finale – Wales (part 2)

The ‘ Taff Trail ‘ was happily guiding us into the town of Merthyr Tydfil.  The rain was relentless.  We were shivering with cold, our clothes squeaked with water, our bodies and bikes were splattered with mud.  It wasn’t soon before the Cefn Coed Viaduct greeted us like a friendly giant.  It was a remarkable piece of architecture that towered above us.Continue reading “The Taff Trail Finale – Wales (part 2)”

A Welsh beauty – the Taff Trail (Part 1)

The Welsh city of Cardiff seemed desolate and empty at 8am on a Saturday morning.  Grey skies loomed overhead as I helped untie the bicycles from the back of the car.  The air was chilly as my boyfriend and I cycled to the bus station with our panniers squashed with extra clothes just incase it rained.  OnceContinue reading “A Welsh beauty – the Taff Trail (Part 1)”

A trail full of surprises!

I like surprises and I know for a fact that a  journey on a bicycle can lead you to hidden treasures you never knew existed.  Uncovering these treasures can leave you happy for days or even a life time… and on route 403 there is treasure to be found.  While staying overnight in the quaintContinue reading “A trail full of surprises!”