Cycling the Otago Rail Trail – New Zealand

A trip to the South Island of New Zealand is always exciting.  The pace of life always seems slower than the North Island.  It can feel as if you have stepped back in the past where life is less complex and time has no meaning. We have come south to cycle the Otago Rail Trail,Continue reading “Cycling the Otago Rail Trail – New Zealand”

All Quiet on the Technology Front

The brakes are off yet my bicycle wheels are still spinning. Unfortunately my trusty computer felt as if the New Year celebrations were all a bit much so it decided to slink off and go and sulk. It took with it all my cycling photos… hence the reason as to why my blog has beenContinue reading “All Quiet on the Technology Front”

A Festive New Zealand Cycle

The festive season is here and there isn’t a hint of snow in New Zealand… The month of December is when the summer sun arrives to warm up this country and a bright red colour begins to adorn the coastline.   The native Pohutakawa trees come into bloom – their vibrant red flowers contrast beautifully againstContinue reading “A Festive New Zealand Cycle”

Speeding down a Volcano! – Hawaii

The continuing tale… I made sure every inch of my skin was covered with some form of padded clothing – In the early hours of the morning, at the height of 6,000 ft or more it can be very chilly on the side of a volcano.   The island of Maui was still awakening fromContinue reading “Speeding down a Volcano! – Hawaii”

Freewheeling down a Volcano – Hawaii

We are on the move again! We are heading home to New Zealand to catch the summer rays and enjoy the company of friends and family.  Flying such a long distance always allows us the opportunity to stop over and explore new places and one of my favourite stop over experiences has to be Hawaii,Continue reading “Freewheeling down a Volcano – Hawaii”

Cycling around Lake Annecy – France

The white flakes float down from the sky and settle outside layering the ground like ice cream twisting its way into a cone.  Winter has come to the French alps and I find myself reminiscing of when the sky was blue and the sun was radiating warmth. Continuing to keep cycling in the chilly cold andContinue reading “Cycling around Lake Annecy – France”