Cycling the Otago Rail Trail – New Zealand

Clyde - New Zealand

The Clyde dairy

A trip to the South Island of New Zealand is always exciting.  The pace of life always seems slower than the North Island.  It can feel as if you have stepped back in the past where life is less complex and time has no meaning.

We have come south to cycle the Otago Rail Trail, one of New Zealand’s most popular cycle trails.   Pedalling through 150km of Otago’s history and spectacular scenery easily tempted us!

Queenstown - New Zealand

Queenstown – New Zealand

The boyfriend, his beloved mum, and I have jumped on a small compact bus in Queenstown, heading for the fruit bowl town of Cromwell.  The roads spaghetti their way through the dry parched hills.

Clyde - New Zealand

At Cromwell we are collected by the lovely husband and wife team of Shebikeshebikes and are driven to the sleepy town of Clyde.  Their company has arranged bicycle hire and everything else from accommodation, collection and pick ups, car hire and recommendations of what to see and do ( all at no extra cost).   All we are expected to do is pedal!

Clyde - New Zealand

Clyde – New Zealand

Clyde - New Zealand

Clyde – New Zealand

In Clyde we spend the night in the old Post Masters house.  It is now a Bed and Breakfast full of interesting colonial antiques.  We enjoy the evening in a local pub and are rewarded the following morning with a stunning crisp blue sky above.  We collect our bicycles complete with panniers and eagerly head out along a long gravel path…

The old Post Masters Accommodation - Clyde - New Zealand

The Post Masters house – Clyde

The old Post Masters accommodation - Clyde - New Zealand

No mobile phones here!

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8 Responses to Cycling the Otago Rail Trail – New Zealand

  1. I want a phone like that so I can duct tape it to my bike and instantly become the coolest bicyclist in New Hampshire, USA!! Great post!! : )

  2. tmso says:

    Wow – what a trip and great photos as always. Hubby and I will be visiting New Zealand in June. We won’t get to the South Island, but this is inspiring. I hope it is not raining too much so we can get out on our bikes, too.

  3. kirisyko says:

    Reblogged this on Sykose.

  4. A. S. Ellis says:

    I so much enjoy being along for the ride thanks to your writing and lovely photography!

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