All Quiet on the Technology Front

The brakes are off yet my bicycle wheels are still spinning.

Unfortunately my trusty computer felt as if the New Year celebrations were all a bit much so it decided to slink off and go and sulk. It took with it all my cycling photos… hence the reason as to why my blog has been so quiet.

I am currently in the process of fixing the computer’s problems and I am hoping to return soon so that 2013 will be another fun-filled year of pedalling tales!!


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5 Responses to All Quiet on the Technology Front

  1. Now I really must explain: I clicked Like because I like the idea of reading more of your wonderful posts– not because I like the dirty trick your computer pulled on you, the filthy mechanical rotter!! : P

    Even hearing about someone else’s computer problems is painful to me. Sorry I’m late getting here, hope you’re back up and running soon!!

    P.S. You manage to be creative even with a photo of a parked bicycle– nice one! : )

  2. RayDvD says:

    Looking forward to more posts.

  3. paddy corneby says:

    Can’t wait for further installments on your cycling stories. Maybe now you are New Zealand
    we will see more of that beautiful country

  4. I am definitely looking forward to the return of your biking trails. 🙂

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