Vienna from my Bike Seat

Our boat slept this morning, in fact it didn’t move all day.  It bobbed about in the water like a log.  It was not the same for us – the city of Vienna was waiting and we ventured onshore to explore its beauty with our bicycles.

Waiting for us was a very informative tour guide on his trusty bicycle .  Using his Arnold Schwarzeneggar like accent he entertained us with his knowledge of interesting facts about history and the people who helped shaped the city.

He pedalled us along the waterways covered in eye-catching graffiti, through parks with many statues of famous faces and over bumpy cobbled streets so we could get a glimpse of the famous white horses at the Spanish riding school.

We pushed our wheels past glorious concert halls and elegant museums all the while trying to avoid zippy cars, crowds of walkers and the small number of horse and carriages.  Also, for the first time on our trip we had to avoid the drizzle of rain.

Luckily the big downpour came down while we were all tucked warmly inside a traditional Vienna coffee-house.  Our tour ended in the Stephansplatz square beside the dizzying heights of Stephansdom, Vienna’s cathedral and one of the tallest churches in the world.

With the rain at bay we decided to spend a few hours cycling around on our own – I had admired the cartoon like architecture of the District heating plant created by Friedensreich Hundertwasser on the way into the centre of Vienna from my bike seat.  I discovered there was more of his architecture to be found in the streets of Vienna.  So we went off on a treasure hunt with a map in hand.

Navigating our way down to the river had us dodging traffic like escape artists.  The Mother in law was becoming an expert at bike manoeuvring!  Once we were on the river cycle path it guided us easily to the Hundertwasserhaus.

We all stood awestruck at the building that stood before us.  It was as if we had found treasure.  Like a bag of liquorice allsorts it was a striking kaleidoscope of bright colours with different sized windows and a growth of plants grasping itself to its walls.  The  waves of mosaics and curved shapes that surrounded the building had you believe you were in a playground urging you to explore and discover this fabulous architecture….

A short pedal away was another one of Hundertwasser’s creations known as the KunstHausWien – a museum that houses many of Hundertwasser’s works and works by other artists.  Inside the floors were wavy and undulating.  No lines seemed straight and the checkerboard mosaic’s were dotted about the structure.   I loved every twist and turn of the place it was like being Alice in her wonderland.  Time simply flew by!

Vienna had shown us her beauty and now our time had run out.  We quickly cycled back along the Danube back to the boat.  That evening our boat merrily cruised us back down the river to Krems.  Tomorrow would be our last day of cycling.  We would be pedalling through the UNESCO heritage site of the Wachau region, famous for its wine, from Krems to Emmersdorf.

As the rain tapped on our cabin window that night my fingers were crossed that the rain would stay at bay for our last day?

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6 Responses to Vienna from my Bike Seat

  1. Wow, beautiful photos. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Whoa! One of your best and most colorful posts– and that, of course, is saying something!

    I assume that’s you up on the horse in the first photo? Or is it, perhaps, the Mother-in-Law?? Very striking, either way… : )

    Amazing to think that modern graffiti and Old World art treasures can coexist in the same city.

    I loved The Hundertwasserhaus!! Extraordinary!! I’d never heard of it. Beautiful job on the photo– wonderful shot! Of course, the real visual excitement was that tray of chocolates!! If you’re going to post that kind of temptation, you must take pity on your readers and make it downloadable!!

    Arnold Schwarzeneggar-like accent, a bag of liquorice allsorts… ah! These turns of phrase fall very pleasantly on the old ears– thank’ee!!

  3. Kristina says:

    wonderful post! I haven’t been to Vienna, but really want to go there, especially now, after seeing your post! 🙂

  4. paddy corneby says:

    You make Vienna very appealing. I would love to go and have a look at the sights you describe
    and show us in delightful photos. Keep it up

  5. This was awesome! I have been to Austria several times (Vienna specifically) but did not have the opportunity to bicycle… 😦 Several of your photos I have been to as well, but not the awesome bike paths! 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

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