Onwards to Vienna – A Danube Cycle

Another day brings more adventures on the bike seat as we continue to follow the flow of the Danube river.  The morning rewards us with more sunshine and endless blue skies!  This section will take us from the flowers of Tulln to the musical sound of Vienna.

Our boat leaves us on shore with our bikes in hand and departs Tulln early.  It is peaceful and quiet as we turn our bicycle wheels in time with the slow pace of life.  It feels as if our movements are as slow as sloths moving through the trees.  We pass beds of colourful flowers and an impressive statue covered water fountain as we leave Tulln.  We head in a straight line out-of-town along the river bank.

Our sleepy state is soon disrupted as we contend with flying bugs that seem to be forever hitting us in the face.  It becomes a bit of a game of tennis, trying to swat them with our hands while trying to stay on the bike.  None of us are keen on ending up in the river!  The bugs soon mysteriously disappear? our pace picks up and the cycling becomes a breeze.

We are riding high along the river bank.  It is flat and we can see for miles.  At times we look down upon winding walking tracks, cosy villages and people going about their daily activities.  There is always something around us to focus on and keep us amused.

The trail soon begins to snake its way away from the river taking us along tiny paths beside used warehouses,  graffiti covered bars and flower boxed cottages.  We pedal under a massive motorway flyover and happily take the detour into the town of Klosterneuburg.

We have fun trying to reach the town’s Monastery, whose spires we could see from a distance.  Crossing roads, cycling up steep hills and briefly losing the Mother in Law is all part of the scenario of finding these mighty spires.

Reunited the heat of the day exhausts us and the cool temperature inside the Monastery is a welcome relief.  Well rested, more time is spent exploring the busy town before getting back onto the cycle trail towards Vienna.

With a brief pause at a little roadside coffee shop for a caffeine kick and bite of sugary cake we soon found ourselves cycling very easily into the suburbs of Vienna.

The suburbs quickly become a busy city and as we turn a bend there is our boat waiting for our arrival.  It is like seeing an old friend and it put smiles on our faces.  The day has been a short,  yet interesting cycle journey and to top it off that evening we are treated to a classical concert in an original music hall.  I have to say Mozart never sounded better!

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8 Responses to Onwards to Vienna – A Danube Cycle

  1. lovethybike says:

    Ha ha! I will try and save some treats for next time : ) The big yellow building was in Klosterneuberg. It was impressive. Nice to hear from you as always…

  2. I like the statue in the second picture. The guy is obviously a poor confused biker trying to ask the woman for directions. There’s a first– a guy asking a woman for directions… : )

    Yes, occasionally mother-in-laws have to be sacrificed when spire searching. Let’s face it: the spires photograph better, too… : P

    I like how you went with B&W for the monastery– nice touch. And that last building, the magnificent yellow one, is a stunner. That’s not the concert hall, is it?

    Thanks for the tour. Next time leave some coffee and sugary cake for your faithful readers!!

  3. amazingved says:

    lovely post, nicely documented. beautiful pictures

  4. artquench says:

    Great photographs. Thanks for sharing.

  5. shebicycles says:

    That top photo with the flowers is absolutely stunning! Such a lovely trip!

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