The delightful Danube by bike

We trundled along bumpy cobble stones pulling our heavy suitcases behind us.  We were looking for our boat that was supposed to be in dock.  The impressive town of Passau watched our every move from above.

We had travelled to Germany to spend a week cycling the river flow of the Danube to the city of Vienna.  With the mother in law and her partner as part of our party, this trip was going to be a real family affair!


A quick phone call and a local taxi ride later we discovered that our boat had never made it to Passau  It had broken down. We had to meet it further down the river and as we were the last guests to arrive a bit of a fuss was made over our arrival.  We were shown our comfy rooms and then fitted out with our funky generic bicycles.  Finally we were rewarded with a three course feast which we discovered would become a much-needed treat at the end of each day.

Our first day on the bike seats had us catching small wooden ferries across the river and pedalling through lush grasses speckled full of custard coloured dandelions.  The cycle path was flat and extremely relaxing as we cruised around the great Danube loop in the river.

Wooded hillsides surrounded us and birds could be heard tweeting to one another.  Fishermen lounged in their chairs half dozing waiting for their rods to twitch and our wheels kept spinning taking us through tiny hamlets.

With the sun smiling down on us we stopped at a riverside eatery for refreshments and watched life on the river Danube pass us by.

Back on the path with a slight breeze behind us the valley narrowed and crumbling stone buildings could be seen high above the flow of the river. Long industrial barges weighed down with cargo quietly meandered down the river hardly disturbing the peace that surrounded us as we pedalled along.  For a time elegant swans accompanied our gentle pace hoping for a small taste of bread crusts from our sandwich packs.


Our cycling destination for the day was the colourful town of Aschach. Where we ate refreshing ice-cream and spent time exploring the town with its interesting architectural designs.


Our repaired boat was waiting for our arrival and in the afternoon we eagerly boarded to cruise the rest of the way to the city of Linz.  The sunshine on the top deck was appreciated as we all lazed in chairs watching the world go by.  This might just be the most relaxing cycle trip I have ever done?


15 thoughts on “The delightful Danube by bike

  1. Ah– I love being able to “trundle along bumpy cobblestones” with you, and not worry about spilling my coffee… : )

    Good detective work on the boat– glad you were able to connect, and that they had the good sense to make a fuss and roll out the slightly soggy red carpet for you.

    “Custard-coloured dandelions”– as usual, you have a knack for making the commonplace sound delightful, and even a bit magical.

    Three-course meals, gentle pace, ice cream, lazing in deck chairs… well, you picked a strange way to train for the Tour d’France, but hey, it sure sounds good to me! Great post. : )

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