Hadrian’s Wall cycle to Whitehaven

Wrapped up in our waterproof gear the Boyfriend and I cycled down a gravel road spotted with puddles.  We were searching for the start of the Hadrian’s wall cycle route and we found it at the rocky ruins of the Ravenglass Roman bath house.   With grey skies above and a constant drizzle of rain we didn’t stick around for long.

We pedalled away from Ravenglass out along the coast and straight into strong gusts of wind.  The legs had to push endlessly to make it to the sheltering hedges that protect the tiny country lanes.

cycling the coast

These tiny country lanes lead us inland then back down to the coast to the sleepy town of Seascale and onwards to the huge imposing fortress of Sellafield nuclear plant.  It peeked out from behind huge barbed wire fences.  The interesting shapes of the buildings had us peeking right back at it as the cycle path weaved us around it.

cycling around Sellafield Nuclear plant
Sellafield Nuclear plant
Lost and hungry...

A few miles after passing Sellafield we some how took a wrong turn.  This incident left us encountering massive hills and a local farmer convincing us to cycle on the main road which was hair-raising! Cars whizzing past you at 100mph is not my idea of fun…I also nearly got squashed by a bus on a very narrow lane.

It was all soon forgotten when Whitehaven appeared on the horizon along with a bit of sunshine.  We were overjoyed to have found our way back to the cycle route.  We pedalled down the hill and into town.  We found the harbour and enjoyed the art sculptures which were dotted about the place.  A cafe welcomed us on the harbour front as we removed our waterproof gear and celebrated our arrival with a spot of lunch while we basked in the sunshine.  We didn’t stay long as there was still had a long way to go…

Whitehaven harbour

12 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall cycle to Whitehaven

  1. Really enjoyed reading all your Hadrians Wall posts. I love Cumbria and cycling too – though now that we have young children our last holiday in the Lakes was all about the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway (in the rain of course). They loved it…we’d prefer a long cycling holiday! I did grab a few hours cycling along the Eskdale trails though.

    1. So pleased you enjoyed reading about my journey across England. I agree with you – cycling becomes a different kettle of fish when young children are involved. I found cycling in NZ with my young niece and nephew a lot of fun.
      Hope to hear from you again sometime.

  2. Sellafield was a dismal place when we last saw it! You did well to find a welcoming eating place; a good main meal is a great reward for a bad main road!

    1. Many of the cycle trails have art work along the way – some can be battered and weather worn while others can be so interesting that you have to stop and admire them.

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