The Kent Coast basks in the Sunshine

Day three and we awoke again to delightful blue skies and the seagulls squawking outside.  The sea sparkled under the rays of the sun and it looked so inviting.  After a sumptuous breakfast the beautiful weather easily encouraged us back onto our bicycles. We continued to cycle east along the concrete path beside the coast. We pedalled past tutti-frutti coloured beach huts and London seemed a long way away.

Leaving Whitstable

The cycle path wound itself through Herne bay towards the small hamlet of Reculver
where we found ourselves joining the Viking Coastal Trail.  Bumpy cliff paths had us huffing and puffing at times, but we were rewarded with the striking 12th-century towers of a ruined Roman church, which stood out on the skyline for miles around.  The cliff top grasslands of Reculver Country Park also gave us an endless open space and a chance to spot wildlife on both land and water.

The Roman Church - Reculver

The soft breeze greeted us as we joined the twists and turns of the sea wall with its access slopes, steps to the cliff tops and paths down to the sandy beaches.  We happily pedalled through the seaside town of Westgate-on-Sea and approached the hustle and bustle of Margate.

It was if every man and his dog was down at the beach and the coast line was alive with activity.  We saw children foraging in rock pools, mothers lazing on beach towels reading their trashy novels, Fathers braving the chilly waters by jumping the waves and Grandparents reminiscing about the past as they strolled the Victorian promenades arm in arm.

Enjoying the British sunshine!

The ice cream parlours and cafe’s were humming bee-hives.  Queues for delicious treats were stretched out across our path and we soon found it easier to join the masses rather than avoid them.  I would have to say that sitting by the sea watching the world go by with a pot of tea brewing and a baked potato stuffed full of prawns was rather satisfying.

Food time!

Back on the bike and the never-ending sea wall we were cycling on went for miles and it fascinated me to imagine its real purpose.  It was wide enough to fit two cars on either side of it.  We had so much space and we found ourselves weaving all over it in delight.  With the white cliffs on one side and the vast blue ocean on the other is was unlike any cycle path we had ever been on and we had it all to ourselves. We loved it!

cycling along the sea wall

As we got closer to the seaside town of Broadstairs, life around us became more action packed with people enjoying the Easter sunshine.  The hint of the English tradition surrounded us as we cycled past colourful beach huts, wooden deck chairs,  freshly painted piers standing proud above the sea, the bright lights of amusement arcades trying to entice you inside their doors, cockles and whelks being sold in small paper cones to taste and sticks of rainbow coloured Rock standing upright row upon row alongside big bundles of Candy floss.  Today was the day that the British seaside certainly came alive and we were there to experience it.

Sandy beaches - Kent

We finally reached the seaside town of Ramsgate.  It allowed us a pit stop to enjoy the cafe culture and a chance to rest our tired legs. We realised that over the past three days we had cycled over 130 miles.  It had been a real adventure and a chance to experience England at its best.

Catching the train back to London that evening I wondered what our next big cycle ride would be and where it would take us?

More photos of this journey can be found on my Facebook page.

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45 Responses to The Kent Coast basks in the Sunshine

  1. Fumpy says:

    The church at Recluver lools amazing!

  2. Cabbie Notes says:

    Love the colors on your beach photo!

  3. Mike10613 says:

    Good post. I don’t know why but beach huts are fascinating. It reminded me of when I was a child when I saw Broadstairs mentioned. My sister was ‘sent’ there fro a holiday because the powers that be thought she wasn’t eating enough. She came back even thinner and hungrier! I eat four meals a day plus snacks and people still tell me to eat more! lol

  4. This is a fantastic blog. I love your photos, the scenery is marvellous.

  5. Fab post, I know some of that coast but not on a bike, sounds fun.

  6. Ooh, I love your pictures. I’ve been pondering the next family trip recently as well as beloved bike touring as I jealously watch loaded down cyclists in my corner of the globe pedal happily along. I would love to take a trip to your island, perhaps we’ll bring bikes and make the teenagers pedal til they drop. 😉

  7. ashkitty says:

    Amazing pictures…cycling england must be fun!

  8. Lisa says:

    I Love the photos! If you ever get a chance to visit Liechtenstein, I had fun biking the length of the country:
    Not a lot of beaches, there, but some pretty castles (and you can visit 3 countries in one ride!). 🙂

  9. Emily Anne says:

    Nice pictures! I traveled to Margate last year and thought it was so pretty. The British coast is lovely!

  10. What beautiful scenery and photography! I also read your About page and I have to say it is very inspiring 🙂

  11. Wow — your writing is exquisite. I confess that reading this post has made me a bit jealous! And it’s also made me nostalgic for my past travels and anxious to travel again. Well done!

  12. What beautiful blue skies. How lovely it must have been to cycle along the never ending sea wall.

  13. Beautiful photos. Just stunning colors.


  14. Melanie says:

    awesome pics 🙂

  15. snowgood says:

    Some of the shots on this post bring back memories, but it’s a long time since I was there in person.

  16. It’s hard to describe how happy this post made me. It was like a taste of heaven. Your pictures are beautiful, and your prose has a lovely rhythm– it’s like a tonic! And that sea wall trail looks like something out of a dream– just fantastic. Thanks for letting the rest of us hitch a ride in your saddlebag! : )

  17. This is part of the country I’ve always wanted to visit and your beautiful photos have definitely put it further up on my list of htings to do when I am back home!

  18. colorspace444 says:

    Such a wonderful blog…the Kent photographs especially are beautiful!

  19. Atari says:

    Great post! Ironic that foggy Britain is so sunny while here in sunny California, it’s all foggy!

    • lovethybike says:

      That is pretty funny – the past few times we have been to California the weather has been very grey and cold- very little sunshine?

      • Atari says:

        It depends on when and where you are. We get a lot of marine layer clouds right over the shoreline some days, but it usually burns off by early afternoon.

  20. tootlepedal says:

    That was me sitting on the beach sixty years ago. Things look remarkably the same.

  21. Jeff Shone says:

    MMmmmmm, A prawn filled hot spud!

    Watch me dash off to the kitchen!

  22. Savira says:

    The pictures of the beach and the lifeguard house reminds of olden times… How fascinating your trip is .

  23. Kristina says:

    I love cycling trips and your post is so well written with all these beautiful and colourful pictures! Unfortunately it’s not enough sunshine is this country 🙂

  24. Anita Mac says:

    Sounds delightful! Love the photos. I am yearning for another bicycle adventure. A combination of bike and sunny beach huts could be just perfect right about now!

  25. And is that good old British SUN I can see?

  26. photospaz says:

    What beautiful photographs!! The colors are so vibrant!!

  27. Great photos and nice post!
    I have never been to this area but it is certainly on my list of places to see and now even more so after reading this post. The colorful beach huts are great! and that path along the sea wall…!

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