Finding Cornish treasure

Lizard here we come!

With summer in the air we went in search of cool breezes, singing insects and glistening waters. We eagerly pedalled along a tiny road stretched along the Lizard peninsula.  After our visit to the Clay trails and the Eden Project the Boyfriend and I had continued further down the coast of Cornwall in search of the quintessential British summer.  The summer where you can run bare foot through golden sand, eat ice-cream and explore rocky caves looking for undiscovered pirate treasure!

Any treasure in this place?

Our journey had led us to the Lizard peninsula, a part of England that is certainly worth visiting.  It is wild, windswept and truly stunning!  We were keen to check out Britain’s most southerly point – Lizard point and it’s lighthouse – with the exception of the Scilly isles.  Almost all the Lizard Peninsula is made up of soft, colourful Serpentine stone.  A unique metamorphic rock with lovely greens, red, yellow and white lines running though it.  We admired the snake-skin appearance of the polished serpentine rock on display in the gift shops as we cycled through Lizard village with its quirky cottages and cosy pubs, towards the point.

Serpentine stone workshop

Stopping for refreshments

The coastal wind was on our backs as we happily pedalled down the narrow road to the point.  The road came to an abrupt end and we were greeted by the mighty lighthouse and also surprised to find England’s most southerly cafe.

A place that treated us to delicious cream tea accompanied with freshly baked scones – A real Cornish treat!  As we relaxed and breathed in the beauty of the rugged coastline below the blue sky shone down on us making us feel lazy.

Cornish clotted cream, jam and scones - a real delight!

After our tasty treats we forced ourselves to follow the sloping path down to the old Lifeboat station below.  It stood on the edge of the rocks with the waves crashing up against its aged panels, spraying us with salty air. It was fun to explore the area before heading back up the path to our bicycles.

Old Life Boat Station

The coastline continued to take us around its tiny paths as we pedalled slowly taking in the crisp sea air.   At times we got a bit lost or came to a dead-end, but it didn’t matter as the views of the cliff edges and deep blue sea surrounding us made it all worth while.  A winding road lead us to a wooden gate hiding a walking path.  The path twisted around the coast taking us to Kynance cove.  With tiny sections of golden sand, rocky inclines stretching up to a patchwork of grasses above and the sun reflecting off the blue waters Kynance Cove appeared to be a magical place – a little piece of paradise.

The crowds enjoy the sunshine!

It was busy in paradise with colourful swimming costumes dotting the scene.  People enjoyed the small rolling waves or were stretched out on their beach towels loving the sunshine.  Children were busy with plastic spades digging in the sand and I wondered if treasure had ever been found here?  We happily basked on a cliff edge capturing summer with an ice cream in hand enjoying the moment.

Beautiful views of the Lizard coastline




That afternoon as we departed the wild coastline and pedalled back to our accommodation it made me realise that we had found summer! We had seen the golden sands and eaten the ice-cream.  The only thing missing was that we hadn’t unearthed any pirate treasure – but it didn’t matter as we had discovered the beautiful Lizard Peninsula a true treasure in itself.

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26 Responses to Finding Cornish treasure

  1. bananabatman says:

    A travel story well told. Great memories. Thanks.

  2. You brought wonderful memories of the south of England back to me, especially cream teas! Look forward to reading your next one. Happy cycling.

  3. adirahsblog says:

    As if i was tucked in your pocket for a lovely day…. tks

  4. chriscaff says:

    My favourite part of the world! We too, were in Cornwall and visited Eden this summer. But We didn’t get as far as Kynance Cove (gorgeous place) and the Lizard. Fond memories from there, though of my honeymoon many years ago and my first taste of freshly cooked crab caught by my host’s son. Thanks!

  5. Brings back great memories of my visit to Cornwall.

  6. gypsywish says:

    I just made scones! I have to say these look lovely, and oh what I would give fore some clotted cream.

  7. snowgood says:

    You certainly get about. Some of your photos around the Wandle are just a few mile from my old home, and yes I’ve even cycled there myself.

    The Lizard photos brought back happy memories of our holiday in Cornwall back in June.

    At least I get to visit Cornwall most weeks (50/50 between work and walking).

    Love the black and white photos around the Thames Barrier.

  8. Ahhh, you’ve captured our Cornish coast beautifully! Lovely images! It’s always good to be able to see who’s stopping by for a look around and it’s especially nice when it leads me to such an interesting and well done blog as the one you’ve created. I’ll be putting you in my google reader so I can follow your travels.

  9. firasz says:

    I really like the 2 photos—stopping for refreshments–a classic & the beautiful old life boat station.

  10. Damn I love this blog! And I loved Cornwall. Thank you for bringing me back. I feel as if I’m traveling with you every time I come here!

  11. IsobelandCat says:

    I was at the Lizard on as part of a walking holiday in Cornwall a couple of years ago and visited both those shops!

  12. wanderlust82 says:

    I was just in Cornwall last week, love it + miss it.

  13. Jan says:

    I second all the comments about your photo’s they’re wonderful and it looks so warm, not like that very often up here in the Highlands.

  14. Red Baron says:

    I like your travelog very much and I would like to apologise for any abuse we gave cyclists whilst on Hadrian’s Wall, I’m sure most of you are not wimps for cycling the route rather than walking it! You have to bear in mind that at the time we were practically hallucinating from the pain of the 9 Peaks of Thirlwell!

  15. Sally says:

    Cornwall is such a lovely place to vist . . . stayed a few times not far from Lizard. The photos are great. Your post has made me want to go again 🙂

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  17. Oh yes cream tea, the very English equivalent of the koffie and appeltaart served in every Dutch cafe beside every Dutch cycling path! Looks like a great ride.

  18. Brian says:

    Loving the look of that cream tea !!! hmmmmmm yum yum…

  19. It’s like getting to take a 3 minute holiday! Thanks!

  20. John Fanai says:

    oo…cornish clotted cream!

  21. zenlifefrugal says:

    I absolutely love these photos!

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