London’s hidden paths

I had been given a bike as a birthday gift and now I was worried for my life. Was I going to be safe on it?

The very thought of cycling London’s busy streets frightened me.  Even with the aid of a helmet protecting my head I simply couldn’t get enough will power to join all those cars and trucks.  London’s busy roads did not resemble the empty country roads I grown up cycling on.  I really wanted to cycle again and I needed to start somewhere.

Camden by the canal

So I did a spot of research and discovered a whole network of paths that run along the canals.  They weave themselves like snakes amongst London’s structures.  I felt like I had found a treasure trove waiting to be explored.   This was my chance to see a part of London that I didn’t even knew existed and to get back into cycling again.  So I did.  I started with a small section of the Regents canal.  With camera in hand off I went on my new bike.

Beginning at Angel I was greeted with endless graffiti which is forever being changed and updated.  I cycled west towards the hustle and bustle of Camden town with all its colourful market stalls.  The path can be bumpy at times and you can get quite close to the water’s edge and the thought of falling in the murky depths of the canal will give you goosebumps. What lurks beneath always has me curious…

Past Camden and you head towards the out skirts of Regent’s Park.  The path becomes lush green with big trees looming overhead.  Some of London Zoo soon surrounds the canal and animal spotting can be done for free.  Giraffe, hyena and wild dogs all looking down at me cycling by and wondering.

Little Venice London

The Regent’s canal comes to an end when you reach the picturesque Little Venice.  A lovely spot to marvel at the beauty of a canals and also a chance to quench one’s thirst.

It was a short cycle ride, but it was enough for me to want to do another one.

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7 Responses to London’s hidden paths

  1. Madoqua says:

    Have cycled a few canals in England, but never been to Little Venice. Your photo of the latter makes me want to visit this area!

  2. joehoover says:

    On my cycle to work I skip this part as you have to come off a couple of times when the canal path breaks up, so I join at Maida Vale/Little Venice, I keep meaning to take my camera along to work and document the journey, after the point Regents canal stops and The Grand Union canal starts, there are some intersting points along the way. Maybe I’ll do it next week over the whole week, if I stopped to take photos in one morning I’d be about an hour late! Am enjoying your posts, I rarely use my bike for escapism anymore just for commutng, so it’s nice to be reminded and inspired.

    • lovethybike says:

      If you are rushing to work I would agree with you that section of the path would slow you down. I love the canal paths they always seem so hidden away and secret. If you take the trip let me know how it goes? I enjoyed your blog about Camden and it’s jazz scene.

  3. Arthur says:

    Amazing pics, I feel like I’ve been there!

  4. tmso says:

    So glad you discovered them! I will follow your adventures vicariously. More, please. 🙂

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